Podcast: What is Strategy and Why is it Important Today?

My guest in this episode is Craig James, IT Vet and FuturePologist. Here are some of the questions Craig tackles:

  • What is a Futurepologist?
  • Why NOW is a key time in human history?
  • What is strategy? Why does it matter? Why now?
  • What strategy isn’t?
  • Are we distracted today? A ping a ding a dong or text, what is the implication?
  • Why is technology an element of humanity now?
  • What does consciousness have to do with Strategy?
  • Who are some other sources to pay attention to in regard to strategy?
  • What are 3 things I can do today about strategy?
Craig James

Craig James is an Information Technology Industry veteran. He is also Co-Founder of CatalystStrategies (a.k.a. CatStrat Services) a strategic advisory firm that helps organizations stop—and think. He is a writer, speaker, thought leader and modern philosopher. He believes that for humankind to look forward, it needs to look back. He challenges bedrock concepts that define our reality—and asks fundamental questions surrounding the human experience, consciousness, time, space, technology, life, death and the future.